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Hello, I’m Anna and I created the Professional Crafters Guild in 2011 to help craft businesses like mine to get the recognition that they deserve.

I’m a busy wife and mum to two sons so I know how hard it is to juggle with everything that you need to do to make your business successful. There is always so much to keep up to date with; social networking, websites, legal procedures; that it is difficult to find the time to create your products.

And let’s face it, creating was why you started in the first place wasn’t it! All of this other stuff just gets in the way and on top of you.

Let us help you to learn the skills that you need and provide you with a community that knows how you are feeling. How to help.

Join us at the PCG!

Email me 07763 566636

Providing help and support for you throughout your professional crafting career

You are in the right place if you are either; considering turning your crafting hobby in to a business, or are currently running your own crafting business  (whether start up or established).

The Professional Crafters Guild offers, guidance, support and recognition for your craft business. With access to information, support networks, recommended services, there are many opportunities for promotion and participation.

Why should you join the PCG?

Become a member of our family TODAY!

“Amazing service for the beginner or the experienced! Thank you for being so supportive to us all at A.R.P Jewellery. The tips, experience and general help and support has been brilliant - we could not have got to where we are now without your help, dedication and general love of crafting!”

- Rachel Gibbs, A.R.P Jewellery

“I joined because I thought that it would show my business was not just a hobby, but I have got so much more out of it. Running a craft business can be lonely but everybody in the Guild is friendly and supportive. When you need a bit of encouragement there is always somebody to help you along. It really is money well spent.”

- Chrstine Robbins, Wrapped in Colour

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